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Passive Investor Program

Looking to expand your passive investments in multifamily or join your first deal? Our passive program gives you the tools to get your first deal in up to a few weeks.

  • Strategy Calls with our Experts
  • Access to Passive Investment Video Training
  • First Look Investment Opportunity Access
  • Networking Events to meet Sponsors
  • Sample Deal Packet
  • And much more

Passive Program

Learn everything you need to know to keep your money safe and get investment opportunities in your inbox from experienced sponsors.

"If you are thinking about coming to Apartment Educators I would highly recommend it. The networking you get is amazing, on top of that there are so many resources you get access to"

Juan De Luna

"Apartment Educators has really accelerated my career, I've been able to get into some deals and meet a lot of great people "

Kenneth Summers

Explore Our Passive Program

Resources and tools to make the most out of your passive investments

Investment opportunities

As a member you will get first access to investment opportunities and because Apartment Educators is an eco-system you will meet many other experienced investors.  If you are looking to sponsor an investment or you are looking to invest passively Apartment Educators is the place to meet your next team.

Exclusive Events

It's important to have a network of experienced experts when investing into multifamily.  Apartment educators has events all over the USA where you can meet syndicators, educators, and other investors

Online Content

Learn every step it takes to get into your first multifamily project.  Our online library of video modules will teach you what you need to know.  Assessments after each video to ensure you have absorbed the information 

Apartment Educators Passive Program

Learn How to Keep your Money Safe and Get Access to Projects that get you the Best returns.

Passive Investors



  • Strategy Call with an Expert
  • Access to Passive Investment Training
  • First Look Investment Opportunity Access
  • Virtual Networking Events
  • Free Live Event Access
  • Sample Deal Packet
  • New Content Each Month
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