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Introducing The Apartment Educators Blog: Free Resources For Getting Started In Multifamily Investing

Uncategorized Jul 15, 2022

Welcome to the very first Apartment Educators blog. Today we are going to dive into why we are launching a blog and what to expect in the coming months.

Why launch a blog?
Over the past few years, Apartment Educators has seen tremendous growth and we are excited to discuss where our organization is headed while sharing some resources along the way. Our blog will serve as an official source of some of our favorite resources, and also ensure you can easily find all of our newly launched content. (Podcasts, Youtube Videos, Free Templates, and more!)

How often will new content be published?
The Apartment Educators blog is launching as a once a month publication, there is a TON of content floating around the multifamily real estate world and our goal is not to give you another mandatory daily read. Tune monthly for a targeted deep dive on relevant topics in the space.

What ther free resources for multifamily investing does Apartment Educators offer? 
Aside from our new blog there are already a myriad of ways to learn about multifamily investing that you can access on our site. 

If you are looking for some introductory content check out podcasts offered by some of our founders and coaches. Devin Elder of DJE Texas Management Group has a great interview style podcast where he chats with industry experts on all sorts of topics relating to multifamily investing and syndication. You can access his full archive of podcasts here best of all they are completely free. I highly recommend checking out Devin’s work he has been a Principal in over 5,000 doors of multifamily, so needless to say he is an expert in the space. Our coach Abel Pacheco has some great podcast content as well if you’d like to better understand how we approach educational content. Check out Abel’s work here, he is in over 800+ doors and provides a ton of additional education content throughout his site. 

Want something quick that is automatically delivered to your inbox monthly? Register for the Apartment Educators Newsletter, your source for multifamily investing news sent to your inbox monthly. We highlight upcoming events, member profiles, and share general information on how to get more involved in the multifamily space. 


Free 7 Module Course
Alright you’ve tackled a bunch of free content already and you are looking for a course to really test the waters of multifamily syndication, we have the perfect resource. Our 7 Module Free Course (access by clicking here!) walks you through the basics of multifamily investing and we schedule a partnership session to get you better equipped to tackle your goals. Best of all everything in the program (including the kick off call!) is 100% free, we are extremely passionate about educating the world about multifamily syndication because it is truly a great pathway to leveling up your life. We want you regardless of your situation to be able to approach our content and learn how to get started, this course is the best way to kick start your journey. 

What’s Next?
Join us next month as we sit down with one of our founders to talk about the inspiration behind Apartment Educators and key advice to growing your multifamily syndication goals. If you would like to be featured on one of our upcoming blogs our podcasts give us a shout at [email protected]. If you want live updates on all of our new content coming out we post the latest news on our private Facebook Group. Click here to get an invite!


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