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How do you prepare your portfolio for a recession? Multifamily Investing

guest post Nov 15, 2022

I’m waiting to see what happens in Q4

I’m just not sure how the market is going to react in the next couple of months 

I need to hold onto all my capital because once the market crashes I’m sure I’ll get new deals 

I really want to invest but there are just no opportunities right now because of the economy

I could write an entire blog filled up with just quotes from people who are paralyzed with investment fear because of all the doom and gloom on the news. During times like this, I think it is always good to examine investment performance from a historical perspective to avoid guessing or worse letting the news dictate how you invest your capital. For Today’s guest post I’d like to talk about why in the face of a recession Multifamily is a wonderful asset to invest in, and why you shouldn’t forever hold your capital looking for the perfect deal. 

Avoid waiting for the perfect environment to invest:

Let’s tackle why you...

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Don’t Get “Spooked” Out of the San Antonio Market

guest post Nov 01, 2022

Today we are featuring a special guest post from Kenneth Sumners of Sumners Capital

Sumners Capital is a team with 20+ years of combined experience, we can help you and your family create the sustainable wealth you desire for retirement and beyond.

Currently, our portfolio is valued at $160MM with an ownership interest in over 1,400 doors. When you work with us, you’ll receive opportunities you won’t get with other syndications, along with the trusted advice from experts in the acquisition, repositioning, and sale of multifamily properties throughout Central Texas.

With all the doom and gloom around interest rates, Halloween is a perfect time to discuss why you should not be spooked out of real estate investing especially when you are targeting great markets. Don’t get me wrong there are bad deals out there but that provides all the more reason to focus your attention on quality markets. Today we will dive into my top 3 reasons why San Antonio is a...

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Adventures in San Diego, networking lessons learned from BPCon 2022

Uncategorized Oct 15, 2022

Networking is a crucial part of multifamily syndication, and one of the best ways to network is through industry conferences. To highlight some networking best practices, we will highlight our CEO's journey during his most recent conference Bigger Pockets. Keep in mind these networking tips apply to anything from your tiny meetup, to the largest national conferences out there. To keep it simple we broke down our tips into 3 sections, Pre-Show, During-Show, and After-Show so you know exactly what and when you need to be doing things. As with all of our content feel free to tweak it to best fit your needs. Now that you know the format let's dive into our first topic, what to do before your upcoming event.

Pre-Show Networking Tips

1. Know the audience 

One of the most valuable resources we have is time in the day, because of this if you are ever going to attend an event you should have a good idea of what kind of people are attending. Knowing the audience will allow you to make...

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5 Key Questions To Ask During Property Tours

Uncategorized Sep 15, 2022

With the launch of our new digital property tour series the team at Apartment Educators thought it would be a good time to discuss WHY you should be attending property tours and what questions to ask. For those reading who have no idea what a property tour is when it comes to Multifamily you should start here, but it is exactly what it sounds like, you go to a Multifamily property and tour the property. Think back to your apartment living days when you would go on a tour with the leasing agent, except now you are going on a tour with the owner and discussing NOI improvement plans. Most people hear the words property tour and immediately associate it with touring the complex with their end goal being to purchase the property. I’m here to tell you about another type of property tour that is arguably more valuable because you get to learn from an experienced operator who knows how to close deals. That’s right I’m talking about property tours from educational groups...

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5 Ways to Get Started With Multifamily Investing

Uncategorized Aug 15, 2022

The world of Multifamily syndication seems like a land of limitless possibilities, and because of this most people get paralyzed at the starting line. Today we dive into 5 easy ways to get you off the starting blocks and into your first deal.

1. Break down your goals so they are actionable

When it comes to Multifamily investing you need to have SMART (specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and timely) goals. This means you have to be realistic about what you want to accomplish in your investing journey. Most people tend to overestimate what they can do in a day while underestimating what they can accomplish in a year, because of this, we recommend starting with a 12-month plan. If you are just starting, maybe your goal is to LP your first deal within 12 months. Great now map out what you need to do each day in order to make that possible. Keep in mind this shouldn’t overwhelm you but rather show you how much you can achieve if you work on it each day vs just having a...

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Introducing The Apartment Educators Blog: Free Resources For Getting Started In Multifamily Investing

Uncategorized Jul 15, 2022

Welcome to the very first Apartment Educators blog. Today we are going to dive into why we are launching a blog and what to expect in the coming months.

Why launch a blog?
Over the past few years, Apartment Educators has seen tremendous growth and we are excited to discuss where our organization is headed while sharing some resources along the way. Our blog will serve as an official source of some of our favorite resources, and also ensure you can easily find all of our newly launched content. (Podcasts, Youtube Videos, Free Templates, and more!)

How often will new content be published?
The Apartment Educators blog is launching as a once a month publication, there is a TON of content floating around the multifamily real estate world and our goal is not to give you another mandatory daily read. Tune monthly for a targeted deep dive on relevant topics in the space.

What ther free resources for multifamily investing does Apartment Educators offer? 
Aside from our new blog there are...

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