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Four Steps To Get Educated In Multifamily Featuring James Wenzel

    Allow me to introduce James Wenzel, successful investor, entrepreneur, business owner, and dedicated father. James began his educational journey by attending single-family investment conferences and short-term rental seminars. He transitioned into apartment passive investing, leveraging his knowledge and networks.

    Through years of networking in real estate clubs and participating in deal analysis sessions, James cultivated valuable connections that eventually led him to realize the potential for syndicating his own deals. He went on to establish FLW Capital, a thriving capital investment firm, in collaboration with accomplished investor Mark Lemmons

    FLW Capital specializes in sourcing value-added apartment properties, implementing strategic improvements, and reducing operational expenses. The company's approach involves selling these communities as stabilized assets within a three to five-year timeframe, thereby returning initial capital along with profits to their investors.

    The market is constantly evolving, and continuous education isn't just valuable; it's essential to your success as an investor. James Wenzel, an expert in the field, emphasizes the profound impact that informed decision-making can have on your success. Let’s explore a few avenues for acquiring knowledge in multifamily investing that can help you start your journey towards becoming a successful investor, following in James’s footsteps.

1.Research and Self- Education

    Education is a cornerstone of both real estate and life itself. You can begin your research on multifamily investing with books, articles, and blogs related to real estate and multifamily properties. As I was discussing research into the multifamily industry with James, he goes on to mention how attending educational seminars and courses accelerates success while minimizing risks.

    Reflecting on the past decade when the real estate market was on fire, he points out that almost anyone could turn a profit. However, today's market, with tighter margins, demands a higher level of expertise. Each mistake can be costly, making education crucial. It's an investment in yourself, where you learn from both the successes and failures of others. The more educated you are, the better you can serve your investors, ensuring maximum returns and minimal errors.

    We recommend focusing on being able to recognize the terminology, market trends, and strategies when it comes to investing. Viewing online course materials, webinars, and podcasts can give you a great start towards your self-education.

2. Networking and Joining Real Estate Groups

    Building relationships within the real estate community is essential. You might encounter your future syndication partner or start a capital investment group together. Collaboratively sharing resources and real estate experience can get you further ahead. James has met a multitude of like-minded individuals throughout his 12-year real estate journey. He highlights the importance of surrounding oneself with people who hunger for knowledge.

"These individuals, who consistently invest in themselves, tend to be the most successful in the real estate game." - James W.

    You have a variety of options when it comes to expanding your network. Consider platforms like Eventbrite and, where you can discover and join large networking events in your area. Whether you prefer the convenience of online platforms or the charm of in-person meetings, there are plenty of ways to connect with a real estate community and grow your network.

    It’s important to have a network of experienced experts when investing in multifamily. Apartment Educators has monthly events in Houston, Dallas, and San Antonio where you can meet syndicators, educators, and other investors.

3. Formal Education and Training

    Consider formal educational programs or courses specific to multifamily investing. There are many universities and online platforms that offer real estate investment courses and certifications. These programs often cover essential topics such as underwriting, property management, and more real estate details. At Apartment Educators, we give you access to the exact tools and templates we use to close millions of dollars' worth of deals… tools to analyze deals, broker email templates, LOI templates, investor relation emails, and much more. Additionally, you can apply to join our mastermind program personalized coaching and comprehensive guidance throughout the syndication process, from deal sourcing to execution.

    So, how did James and Mark get started in Multifamily Investing? It was through Devin Elder, who recognized the need for simplifying the complex world of syndication. He and Ruben Dominguez co-founded Apartment Educators, offering a smarter roadmap to learn syndication. James joined to support his friend and became a member of AE for the invaluable education that simplified the path to success in multifamily investing.

4. Hands-On Experience
    Applying your learning by doing is the first step towards understanding the multifamily industry. You can start investing in smaller properties like James Wenzel to gain experience and develop a small portfolio. As you continue to grow in the industry, consider partnering with experienced investors to work on larger multifamily projects. The personal experience will deepen your knowledge and confidence in the multifamily market.

    In a market where every decision counts, continuous learning is the key to making informed choices, maximizing returns, and minimizing mistakes. Whether you're new to real estate or an experienced investor, the pursuit of knowledge should remain at the forefront of your investment strategy. As James exemplifies, education is not just a means to success—it's the foundation upon which successful multifamily investing is built.

"Education is not just a means to success—it's the foundation upon which successful multifamily investing is built. " 

FLW Recent Offerings - Oak Creek Apartments
    A 140 unit complex strategically located in the high growth Medical Center Submarket in the City of San Antonio. The FLW Capital value-add strategy is to upgrade the interiors and exterior of the property and improve the efficiencies of the operations. The Oak Creek Apartments is a Class B property built in 1975.

    This has been an exceptional opportunity for FLW Capital to acquire. The140 value-add units strategically located in the high-growth submarket of Northwest San Antonio. Similar vintage assets in the submarket have experienced an average of 3.6 percent rent growth in the trailing nine quarters.

139 Unit, Class B Multifamily Asset in San Antonio, TX
7% Preferred Return
Projected Multiple of 1.75-1.9x over 5 Year Hold
$50,000 Minimum Investment
506(b) – Open to Accredited & Non-Accredited Investors
Funds Due by April 1, 2021

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