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Four Steps To Get Educated In Multifamily Featuring James Wenzel

    Allow me to introduce James Wenzel, successful investor, entrepreneur, business owner, and dedicated father. James began his educational journey by attending single-family investment conferences and short-term rental seminars. He transitioned into apartment passive investing, leveraging his knowledge and networks.

    Through years of networking in real estate clubs and participating in deal analysis sessions, James cultivated valuable connections that eventually led him to realize the potential for syndicating his own deals. He went on to establish FLW Capital, a thriving capital investment firm, in collaboration with accomplished investor Mark Lemmons

    FLW Capital specializes in sourcing value-added apartment properties, implementing strategic improvements, and reducing operational expenses. The company's approach involves selling these communities as stabilized assets within a three to five-year timeframe, thereby returning initial...

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Introducing Kenneth Sumners: A Path to Freedom Through Multifamily Investments

   Meet Kenneth Sumners, a fifth-generation entrepreneur and a triumphant investor who wears many hats, including being the business owner of Sumners Capital in San Antonio, Texas. Kenneth embarked on his remarkable journey in real estate, initially diving into residential homes as an investor. However, his aspirations soon extended to multifamily investments, setting him on a path towards financial independence and success.

   As our conversation unfolded, I had the privilege of delving into the early chapters of Kenneth's journey to success. He recounted a pivotal moment when he realized the need for change. Balancing his roles as a husband, father to a 6-month-old, and a 2-year-old, Kenneth recognized that every moment spent away from his family detracted from being present with his family. Driven by his desire for passive income – a gateway to financial freedom – he set his sights on apartment investments as the solution.



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